Rosetta Lea & Phineas Nigellus Black

Finn, left and Rosie, right
A cuddle puddle with Rosie, top, and Finn, below.

Finn and Rosie were born on January 31, 2017 in mid Michigan. It had been a couple of months since I suddenly lost Tilly, my Wire Fox Terrier, and I decided that if I was still sad after I got back from Disney World, I was going to have to get a puppy.

Running at the dog park!

I’d had a Springer Spaniel, Belle, growing up and since I was living at home with a big yard, I decided I wanted a Springer again. We adopted Finn and Rosie on March 17, 2017.

Et voila! Finn and Rosie. Rosie and Finn. Only LATER did we realize that Finn and Rose were both Star Wars characters, lol.

Rosie pausing on a walk for a photo op.

Rosie and I share a middle name, Lea, since my mom yells at both of us in about equal measure. “AMANDA LEA!” “ROSETTA LEA!” When Finn is in trouble, he is usually FINNY NIGEL!

Phineas was made for portrait mode.

But they are both perfect lovely angels and are never in trouble, even when they are.

Rosie barks at things that don’t exist, Finn thinks all dogs exist as a Serious Threat, and I’m allergic to both of them (and the cat) but I wouldn’t trade them for anything. A dog, with its delights, challenges, beauty, filth, peace, and riots is worth every cute, fluffy, filthy, stinky, sweet, growly, grumpy, matted moment.

Dogs first. Then everything else.

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