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  • Brothers from other mothers.

    Raise your hand if your cat/rat/parrot/gerbil/hedgehog gets along with your dog! I know it can be a little scary getting a new pet when you already have an established High King of the Domain, like a cat. I’ve always had pretty good success, but I have always adopted puppies and kittens. Arthas was about 5…

  • Car sleeping

    #latergram puppies were exhausted after going to the park, going to see BFF Ranger at Grandma’s and running errands. At least it was sunny! View on Instagram https://ift.tt/2OB02OZ

  • Finny’s Fluff

    Finny likes to eat random things at the dog park, and he wonders why his stomach gets grumbly. He also gets WAAAY more snow and ice in his paws than Rosie. I think it’s because of his lovely locks–he is the furriest boy ever. I really need to try their boots again. I had them…

  • Snowy day at the dog park!

    The puppies love snow, even when it gets chunked in their paws. It’s worse with Finn than it is with Rosie, she doesn’t have as much fur between her toes as Finny does. We have a paw and nose balm for them when they get home if their paws look uncomfortable. View on Instagram https://ift.tt/2H8luqn

  • Remember Summer?

    Remember when it was summer and everything was green and we went hiking at Tahquamenon Falls? What’s summer, you ask? I know it’s hard to remember, but it’s when there were colors besides grey and black and brown. You didn’t have to wear any extra clothes. You might not even have been deficient in vitamin…