Brothers from other mothers.

Raise your hand if your cat/rat/parrot/gerbil/hedgehog gets along with your dog!

I know it can be a little scary getting a new pet when you already have an established High King of the Domain, like a cat. I’ve always had pretty good success, but I have always adopted puppies and kittens. Arthas was about 5 when we adopted Rosie and Finn. At first, he was wary, but as they grew up and he grew used to them, all was well. I purposefully left him with claws to defend himself against my rambunctious Wire Fox Terrier, Tilly. Now, when Rosie or Finn approach Arthas, they keep a safe distance.

“Careful,” I warn them. “He’s fast and he’s got sharp edges!”

They have learned to respect, revere, and dare I say, love, their lord, His Most Royal Highness, Arthas, Bane of the Fallen King. I rather feel the same way.

Tabby cat with green eyes: Arthas.
Arthas, Bane of the Fallen King
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